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How to Write Response Essay?

A response essay is written in response to something you have read, seen or witnessed. It is an article which is written from your personal point of view. You can use the term "I" in this because you are the person writing it. A response essay requires you to be very original and think about the things you have to talk about. The one thing you cannot be in this essay is very creative. While creativity is always appreciated in pieces and general English writing, in this particular genre, it should not be used. You have to be original in this essay, so adding imagination causes a clash which does not yield good results. A response essay is not very difficult to write, though. Here are some tips that can make you a better writer.

Reading and noting the important points

Let us assume you are given the assignment to write a response essay on a course book you have just completed. Now the first step you need to do is read the book again. Yes, you have to go through it again and make notes while reading it. Read it from the point of view that you have to write a response essay on it. Keep a notebook with you and if there is a whole page which can be used as evidence then write the page number. If there are a few lines which can be used, then make use of the lines. You need to evaluate these lines later on. You have to respond to them. Do not include everything in this because if you start responding to everything individually, you would never be able to finish your essay in the given word limit. When you are making the notes, and you get an idea on how to reflect on them, write down this idea too so that you do not forget it later on. It is better to write things down because they work as a reminder when you are writing the essay, and you do not miss out on anything important.

The introduction

Like all other essays, try to keep the introduction interesting. But do not give your response or opinion here. Just discuss the book here and write a general sort of a summary here. It is not necessary that you go into too much detail in the introduction as that is not required. But for a reader who has not read the book, he or she should get the basic concept of what the book is talking about. End your introduction with an interesting statement which indicates where your essay will probably go. Make it exciting.

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What is your opinion?

Now that you have reached the main body of the essay you can jump to your opinion. You do not need to hold back because it is okay to express yourself in whatever way you think is best. Just know that you have to add proof to the statements you make. Expressing your opinion is an art in itself. Some people are excellent at it while for others it takes a little time to adjust. If you are a writer who can easily express his or her opinion, then you are lucky. If you are someone who is interested in talking more about the facts, then you need to practice a bit in this area and read other response essays before starting to write your own. Either way, it is not difficult to get the hang of things, and your essay will begin to take shape you want it to.

The conclusion and the editing

In your conclusion, you can summarize your points and emphasize on your response. You can just talk about your response here and not speak of the points that lead to that reply. Make sure your ending is not general. It should be directly related to the book and should not include your personal view in this. Once you are done with your essay give it to someone who has not read the book and ask them if everything is clear to them once they read the essay. Then ask someone who has read the book to proofread your work. They will check the examples and the proof you have added and will confirm if anything is missing or out of place. Editing is important parts of the writing experience so do not ignore it.

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