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How to Write Research Essays ?

A research essay is a detailed piece of writing. As the name suggests, it requires research on the given topic. Research essays are mostly given to college students so that they can study something in detail. It can be on anything related to the field you are studying. In this article, we will talk about the situation when you are assigned the topic. If however you are a person who has to choose the topic, then you just need to select something that will allow you to go into the depth of the matter and that interests you as well. If it is something that bores you, you cannot write a long essay on it. You will eventually give up. In a research essay, you have to maintain a momentum in your writing so that there are a flow and the connection does not break.

Researching on the topic

The first steps after you have chosen the topic is to start research on it. The research will comprise of all the things that you can possibly add to your essay. Start from the very beginning. You need to think about the things you will add in your introduction and start researching on them. There are a lot of sources you can use. The internet is one of the most widely used places to get the required information on any topic. Make sure you are using the sites which have a good reputation and which will provide you with authentic information only. After you get sufficient information on the introduction, move on to the main body of the essay. Here you have to add the valid detailed points. That is the part where all your research will come. You can divide this section into different small paragraphs. In fact, it is better if you add each point into a new paragraph. After you are done with the main body and researching for it, you have to move on to the ending. The thing about the ending is that it does not have to have anything new. You can just use the old points you have already written in your essay and then summarize them. So for this part of your essay, there is no need for research. Although if you want to get an idea about how to write good endings for research essays, then do some research on it specifically.

Writing the outline

Writing the outline is one of the most important things in a research essay. An outline helps to gather all the ideas that you have and give them shape. This makes your work very easy, and all your confusions are cleared away. The outline will help you to add detail to each and every paragraph in your essay. Hence you can have an in-depth essay with all the important details included in it. Another importance of the outline is that it helps you to add flow to your work. All the points should have the same idea and should be flowing from one point to another. The whole essay will then automatically be read in one flow, and there would not be any chaos. The haphazard writing makes you lose important marks. These marks will take you away from achieving an A grade which is very important in colleges and universities. The outline should not be detailed at all. It should be very to the point with only the important things mentioned.

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Organizing the research

So you have done your research, you have all the important points with you. Now is the time to organize this research according to the outline you have made. When you put the research in the order that it needs to be in, you will fell that your essay is finally getting into shape. Half your work is done. When you are organizing the research, you should also start evaluating this research critically. After all, you just cannot add the information you have research on just like that. The research essay is not something that just needs facts. It needs your opinion and your thought on the certain things you have mentioned. Another thing to take care of while you are organizing your research is to add the references to everything you have used. So you should keep on noting down the sites you are using. If you work hard, you are bound to produce good work.

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