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How to Write Poetry Essay?

A poetry essay is something that is not usually taught to students when they are in schools. Hence when they enter college, they are given this task which might seem very daunting and terrifying but the truth is that poetry essays are not at all difficult to write. They are in fact one of the easiest things to write once you get the hang of the basics. A poetry essay is not just related to writing about the poem and going into the details of when and why the poem was written. It is about all the little elements that make the poem excellent. It is also about the writer of the poem known as the poet. A poet is an individual who is the genius behind the work you read and love. A poetry essay is an analysis essay which evaluates the poets as well. There are some ideas which you can use to make your essay better.

Know the poem

What you should do before starting to write your poetry essay is to understand the poem. You first have to read the poem thoroughly. There are some steps to follow, and when you do them, you will understand the poem. Read it first just for the sake of reading a poem. Keep your mind open in this and do not evaluate anything. After you are done, take a deep breath and read it again. This time try to concentrate on the way the poem is written. Do this again and again until you reach a proper phase where you know all these things by heart, and you know what you are doing. Understanding the lines is the most important aspect of a poem. Knowing what the lines are trying to tell you and the message they are conveying should be understood. This is the most basic evaluation and after you have done this you can go deeper and look for the hidden meaning.

Know the pattern

The second thing that comes after you have understood the meaning of the written words is to look for the pattern of the poem. This includes the number of line of the total poem to the format of how the words are rhymed and the stanzas used in the poem. This will make your work much easier, and you can easily comprehend the poem. You can even use your findings in your essay and analyze these too. Many times the way the poem is structured helps to understand what the poet was trying to say and the meaning he was trying to give. The pattern can be easily identified if you look for it. You need to figure out the similarities and differences in the lines.

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The history of the poem

It is good to concentrate on the actual poem and to evaluate it, but it is better to study the history of the poem and to learn its background. You should be well aware of when the poem was written and what was happening during that age and time. What were the significant happenings that might have influenced the way the writer writes the poem? The era matters a lot. After looking for some clues in the period, you can also search for the background of the poem. There will be some reasons why the poet wrote the poem. What were these reasons? Look for these reasons when you are researching but do not just write the ideas as it is in your essay. You should evaluate and analyze them. The history can tell you so much about the present and because you are a reader who does not belong from that time, you have an open choice of evaluating the poem as you like. No one will judge you.

Make the poetry essay is unique

This might not be as easy to do as it sounds. Making your poetry essay unique means to make it different from anyone else's piece of writing. Doing this might appear quite difficult to pull off, but it is not because everything that you write from your evaluation is unique. Have a go at the internet; there are numerous websites devoted to the art of poetry. Search for ideas about a certain poem, but that does not mean that you copy those ideas. Incorporate those ideas with your own, change them a little and build your version of them. Keep it original and unique. And, if you have used online sources for help or used quotations, you have to add the required references.

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