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Step by Step Guidance How to Write persuasive ESSAY?

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How to Write Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is very much like an argumentative essay. Only that in this essay you have to pick one side of the argument, and you need to convince the reader that what you are saying is write. Your readers are the people who will decide whether your writing was persuasive or not. To be very honest with you, persuading someone is not as complicated as most people think it is. It is, in fact, one of the easiest things to do once you use the right language, present your ideas in a logical manner and believe in what you are writing about. The writer needs to have complete knowledge about the things he can include in his or her essay and then he or she needs to convince the reader that he knows what he is talking about. There are certain techniques you can use to make your persuasive essay better so that it serves its purpose.

Know your topic

A persuasive essay can be written on nearly anything. It just has to be something that the reader is not so convinced about. Mostly in schools the topics given are linked with actual school activities and how you can convince the school board to allow those activities to take place. In colleges, the level is raised, and you have to talk about how to convince the people of your community. The scale of your audience increases and with that the problem of convincing each and every individual increase too. You should understand your topic very clearly, and you should know about all the possible points you and the opponents can raise about the issue. Your argument should be valid and not based on a bunch of opinions.

Research for proof

After you are clear about your topic, you need to decide which side you are going to pick to present your argument on. There are two ways to choose the team. First is just randomly picking one and then researching on it; the second is to research first and then choose the side in which you think you can gather the most points for. In both the cases, you would have to do research. Now that you have decided on the side you need to gather evidence. Remember, no one will agree with you until and unless you can give them proof of what you are saying. The only way you can gather enough evidence is by researching. The internet is a wide place where you can basically get information on anything. So use this platform to your advantage. Keep on making notes of the sites that you use because you would have to add them for reference later on.

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The essay itself

There are four main things which make up the essay. This is the introduction, your point of view, the opponent’s point of view which you have to rebuttal, and the ending. The introduction is not tricky to write. You have been writing essays for a long time, so this introduction is the same as the others. It should be interesting so that the reader wants to read more and it should end with a thesis statement. Then comes your point of view. You can divide this into two or more paragraphs. There should be enough detail in each paragraph so that the reader gets the complete picture of what you are trying to say. Then you have to deny the opponents point of view by mentioning the possible points they can make. Your argument should be strong and should further help the reader to understand why you are right. The ending should again emphasize on your points and should be a conclusion of all your evidence. The reader must be convinced by now that you are right and supporting your side is the right decision. If this is not achieved then, your essay is lacking in some way.

Proofread and edit

Always keep in mind that you have to proofread and edit your essay. No matter how good it is and how flawless you think it is, always read it once you are done. You should check if the essay has the flow it needs and that you have not missed out on anything important. Also check your work for grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and any other language errors that might have occurred unknowingly. A flawless essay is bound to score more than one which has small errors.

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