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How to Write Personal Essay?

A personal essay is one where you talk about your personal life and experiences so that the reader gets to know more about who you are. Personal essays are vital when you want to get an admission into the college of your dream. You have to show the admission office that you are a person that can be trusted and who has all the right qualities that they are looking for. These are the qualities that they need. But it is not all about what they need; it is what you offer to them. You are a person who is unique and who has a set of his or her things to offer.

The idea of a personal essay is that you are thoughtful. Being thoughtful can sometimes lead to you being too fretful and going into too many details about any one thing. You have to show the reader that you are good in thinking, but you know the difference between obsessing over something and just telling someone your thoughts about something. You can build on any one point or mention different points but make sure that they are all relevant and exciting.

It is easy to guess what a personal essay is. As the name suggests, a personal essay is supposed to be a look into your life. It is about you only. You cannot take on someone else's persona or imitate someone else's idea in this essay. You need to think from your mind and discuss your personal experiences. You should write all these ideas and thoughts down so that you do not get confused. You can then pick out the best of these ideas and include them in your essay.

One of the major mistakes that most students make is that they focus more on what the reader wants them to write and what the reader wants to read. In a personal essay, this should be the least of your concerns. You should not focus on what the reader wants to read; you need to focus on what you can write about and then if it will make the reader interested in your essay. There is so much you can do, so much you can tell the reader, to make the reader interested in your words. You have to have the attitude that what you are writing is the right thing.

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It is a good thing if you try to be funny in your essay, have a laugh or two. But do not go overboard with the creative aspect of your story and make it sound unrealistic. Remember a personal essay is the most realistic piece of writing there probably ever was and ever will be. It is all about the things that happened. So yes, being creative and adding humor will make the reader know about the writing skills that you possess but it can also give the reader the impression that you might be over exaggerating. Make sure you know the limits. The line between both these things is very thin, and it is easy to cross it. The only thing that will prevent you from confusing the two is when you read your work again and see if it is realistic or not.

Mention things that you have not already talked about. When you are applying to a college, there are many different parts of your application. Each and every part gives importance to various elements about you. So if you have already talked about your sports achievements, do not talk about them again here. Talk about something else that you have not mentioned before. For example talk about the first time you sat on an airplane. We are sure that is an experience you did not get to say anywhere else. You have a chance to show the side that the reader does not exist yet.

The last (and possibly the most important) thing is to ask your family and the people you are close to about ideas and aspects of your personality that they love and hate about you. That will give you more stuff to incorporate into your writing, and you can come up with something unique and different than even you imagined. You can surprise yourself too. After you are done with your essay, you should ask someone to read it and proofread it for you. This will clear your piece for any mistake, and your work will be flawless and perfect.

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