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Step by Step Guidance How to Write narrative ESSAY?

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How to Write Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is one where you have to tell a story to the reader. This story can be anything. There are no restrictions. You can sometimes be given a topic especially if you are a student who has to write for his class. Even if you are confined to one topic, you can write it in such a way that it can be different every time. You can make use of new and different ideas, change your tone and style and try to use fresh vocabulary whenever it is possible. It can be a fun essay if you take it seriously and work hard. Keep a positive attitude, and work with full concentration. These are the general writing tips that you can follow while writing any essay but in narrative essays, these should be given special attention.

The general theme

Your essay should always have a general idea. If you are assigned a topic, this subject will be easily identified, but if you are not assigned a topic, you need to find this theme. The problem is not finding the theme. However, many students can do that. The problem comes when you have to continue writing on that theme and maintain it throughout the essay. An essay can have different themes, but there should be one main continuous idea running throughout the essay. Make sure that your essay does not deviate from this because then your writing will become haphazard and lose its quality.

The story should be manageable

Many times a person imagines a story. In your mind, the story might be perfect and exciting, but once you start writing the story, you will realize it is very confusing. You do not know how to manage it, and it is getting out of hand. If something like that happens, then we advise that you abandon this plot and start on a new one. Because if you try to continue such a story it will never end properly and you would not be able to conclude it within the word limit. So try avoiding this.

Do not go descriptive

There is a fine line between naming features and being descriptive. Descriptive writing is different than narrative writing because it has a lot of details which are described in a suitable manner. However, in narrative writing, you need to add features but not to the extent that it becomes all about the details. The details should be there to link the different ideas together and form a clear picture in the readers' mind. But once this is done you should stick to simple things. The few details that you have to add, they should be vibrant and exciting and should keep complimenting the main story of your essay.

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Writing a rough draft

Writing a rough draft is vital for a narrative essay. You will have a lot of ideas that you want to integrate into your essay, but you cannot add all these. How do you pick the best ones? You write on each of them. Not full essays but small paragraphs to gather your ideas. These are your rough drafts. These are only for you and will help you personally. You can edit this draft whenever you want to and add and subtract whatever details are required. This makes your final work brilliant and error free. It will be flawless and will go in a flow which is most important when it comes to writing a narrative essay. The flow should always be there and never break. You can only create this flow once you are sure of all the things you will add.

Editing and revising

The last thing you should always do when you are done with your essay is to read it and then edit it. Reviewing will make your work better, and for the next time, you will not carry out the same mistakes again. You will have learned something from your piece of writing, and that is perhaps the key to all writing. The result should always be that you learn and grow.

Narrative essay is not difficult to write if you work with the right attitude. You should be willing to improve and work hard and make the best of the time given to you. You should not feel like a narrative essay is a burden to you. It is not. It will only help you. And perhaps one day your work will be recognized by someone you admire as a writer.

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