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Step by Step Guidance How to Write expository ESSAY?

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How to Write Expository Essays ?

An expository essay is one which aims to explain to the reader what the topic is trying to say. It is a detailed essay and should be written in a manner where all the details can be included, and the result can be good. This essay is something that we all have written in our life. We just did not know its name. Now that we do know it, you should not be intimidated. Just take it like all the other essays you have been writing. It is more like a factual recount of all the things that the topic is about. It should not be about opinions mostly. It should stick to explaining the reader the facts and figures. A way that most teachers use to explain what an expository essay is by comparing it to debate. This essay should be a debate in that it needs to show what position you are on and why you are defending this position. You have to write all the points that prove that you are right and the another party is wrong.

You need to be good in researching and analyzing the points because once you start searching the topic, you will see that there is a lot of information that you can write. You however only should choose the best information and put it in your essay. Adding all the information will make it chaotic. It is never good to bombard the essay with facts because just get long and boring.

The different types of expository essays

There are many various types of expository essays. The five top ones are the descriptive essays, the cause and effect essays, the process essays, the problem and solution essays and the comparison essays. By now you must be thinking that you have written all of these essays separately. But you just did not know their names. One by one we will explain to you the most important points you should know about each of these essays

Descriptive essays should be long and as the word says, describe the topic. This description can be in any way that you seem fit. You can start off by describing the physical appearance that is the color, shape, size and then moves on to describing the feeling associated with the thing. It can be just according to your opinion and what you think about it. These are the facts of the essay. They will make your writing more interesting to read, and the reader can compare his or her thoughts with what you have written.

Cause and effect essays and related to events mostly. They tell the reader why something happened and what were its consequences. They have to be based on facts only. You cannot add your idea into the case of an event. You can find the information on these essays online as they are in abundance.

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Process essays are essays which help the reader learn something new about anything. They tell the reader how to do certain activities so that the result is good. These are very popular nowadays because many people just sit home and search online on these essays. They mostly begin with “how to” so you know that they have a very clear and set pattern. They are very easy to write if you know the steps of the process.

Problem and Solution essays are the ones where you have to describe the problem and then figure out its solution. They are direct and to the point. The one terrible thing about them is many times the answer is not given, and you have to figure it out. You have to come up with ideas that form the best solutions. There is a lot of thinking involved in these essays so do not start them at the last minute. You need to analyze the situation and then come up with the ideas.

Comparison essays always compare two things. They are written when two things are given, and you have to choose the best one. You can add the similarities and differences in these essays to make them better. There is no need to go into your opinion is these essays. Try to use a good vocabulary, it always makes the piece more authentic and gives the reader a good impression.

In the end, you should just keep the thought in your head that every write-up can be made better if you use the right words and correct grammar.

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