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Step by Step Guidance How to Write descriptive ESSAY?

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How to Write Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive essays are written so that the reader understands the topic being described from every angle and aspect. Whether it is the physical appearance of an object or it is about the emotional link you have with something, the idea is to describe it in detail so that the reader can feel the emotions you feel when you think, talk or see it. A descriptive essay makes use of all of your senses. If you are an observant person who is actively using his sense all the time and who can retain the information obtained from these senses, then writing descriptive essays for you must be very easy. Writing descriptive essays is not difficult in any way. You just need to be a little concentrated and not lose attention. Hard work in descriptive essays is the key to scoring good marks. You have to write the first draft, correct it, write the second draft and then get it edited from an expert. The less the errors, the better your description will be and the more marks you can score.

Talking about the obvious

There are some forms of descriptions that highlight the obvious things that anyone can see or talk about. You have to include these in your essay but do not write lengthy explanations about them. Because if you describe them, it will indirectly go into the explanation category. There is a significant difference between describing and explaining something. Description plays with feelings. Explaining mostly just states the obvious. After you have talked about the obvious things, you need to move on to the more sophisticated things. These are going to present a picture in the reader's mind, and he or she gets the feeling of actually being there with you.

Showing the reader a picture

When you want to show the reader what is happening in the place or the situation you have to describe, you use specific terms. These terms help the reader in forming a picture in their mind. In descriptive essays, this holds immense importance because the reader is the one who needs to be able to create an image by your words. For example, you have to write a descriptive essay on your favorite restaurant. What you can do here is that you can describe the smell that comes out of the kitchen or when the food is served to you. Or you can talk about how the colors of the tablecloth take you to your grandmother's kitchen where you used to sit while she baked cookies. It is about the relation you establish between the object and the thought. You play with the reader's feelings.

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Why are you writing this essay?

That is something you have to answer before you start writing your essay. Yes, one of the reasons is the most obvious one that you teacher gave you the task to write the essay, and now you have to do it. But think broadly. Do you want the reader to feel the emotions you felt or do you want the reader to feel the happiness you felt? What is the fundamental purpose? Once you answer this question, the writing task will automatically become easier for you. That will also help you create a flow in your writing, and when the reader reads it, he will easily understand the things you have added.

The structure of the essay

Another thing you cannot ignore in your essay is the fact that it should be well organized and structured. A descriptive essay can quickly go from being interesting to being haphazard to just being boring. The structure of the essay helps you to maintain a single theme and a unique quality of voice throughout the essay. The idea is to start with the introduction. The introduction should be general in nature but should capture the attention of the reader immediately. It should be interesting. Then comes the main body. The main body can be divided into different paragraphs depending on the things you will add in your description. There is no limit to the number of paragraphs you want to add. Describe the thing mentioned in your topic in detail. In the end will be the conclusion. The conclusion should be exciting, yet it should give the reader the complete picture. There should be nothing left to the reader's imagination. You must add all the details by now, and your description should be at its end.

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