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Step by Step Guidance How to Write definition ESSAY?

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How to Write Definition Essay?

A definition essay is written to explain the meaning of something. Many things in this world have a much-defined meaning. You do not have to think about them to reach a conclusion about what they mean while there are such examples that are more abstract in nature. They do not have a set meaning which can be expressed in a few words. They have to be felt. There are examples of both these kinds of words, but in broader terms the words which can be easily defined are objects. The ones who cannot be easily explained are feelings and emotions. My definition of love might differ from yours, and yours might differ from the person sitting next to you. That does not mean that my interpretation is wrong and yours is right. It just means we perceive the same thing differently from each other.

What term to define?

School or college students are usually provided with the words that are the center of the essay, so it is likely that you will be given a term to identify already. You cannot make something up and choose the word yourself. You have to write on the thing given to you. That might be easy for some people as they do not have to search for a word themselves, while for others, this predetermined word might cause some problems, there is always a chance that they are unfamiliar with the term. However, if you have been asked to choose a word to write the definition essay on, you have some work to do. The first thing you need to do is to think of a word that is both interesting and will also give you a whole essay to write on. After that take into consideration a word which you have experienced or which you understand properly. If you cannot understand it, there is no way you can explain it to someone else. There are many words you can choose from. Just search the internet, and you will get a whole list.

The introduction of the essay

The introduction can be to the point and can give the literal meaning of the term. You can start off by stating the most obvious thing. Moving forward, however, you should go into how that term holds importance for you and what is the definition that you give to it. For example, you have to write on love. The literal meaning of love is a feeling of affection and tenderness towards a thing, an animal, or a person. For me however love means the understanding and the relationship of trust between two people. So I am going to start my essay by explaining these two statements. After I am done with this is I can conclude my introduction by saying that now I will go into the detail of why I think love is more than a feeling. The introduction should captivate the reader and make him want to read more and understand why you believe the definition is like that.

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The main body and the conclusion

The main body of the essay should go into the detail of the essay and talk about why it is you think the word should be defined in a certain way. The main body is where you can add your personal experience, your ideas and make the essay into something unique. You might feel like the content you are adding is being repeated. If you think this is happening, you should turn to a different angle of the topic. Talk about the thing from someone else's point of view. The conclusion of the essays needs to be interesting. You can do this in two ways. The first is by making sure that your point is the only right point. The second is by letting the reader choose which side and which definition is the best. You can end your essay with a question which the reader will answer himself.

The proper format of the essay

The one thing which can make your essay outstanding is the format that you use. If you feel more comfortable in writing in the traditional format with the three paragraphs highlighting your whole essay, then go with that. If you are good at adding a twist to your writing, then you can take the risk and add more than three paragraphs and vary their length according to what you feel is right. There are quite a few options, and you can choose anyone of them as long as you see that it will make your essay better and highlight your work and points.

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