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Step by Step Guidance How to Write compare & contrast ESSAY?

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How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay?

Compare and contrast essays are easy to write if you know the basics about them. They are one of the most commonly written essays in schools and colleges, and if you want to expertise in writing, you have to make sure you are following the right format of the work and you know everything about the topic that is given to you to write on. The basic idea about a compare and contrast essay is that you can differentiate between two things and you know what are the similarities between them too. They highlight the different things about the topic, and you have to explain all these things and come up with an essay on them. Compare, and contrast essays are a little tricky but one you get the basic idea, you can at least start with it and then slowly improve essay by essay. Practice as much as you can. What the key to any good writing is that it is done with full concentration.

Understand the instructions

The first thing to take care of while writing this essay or before starting it is that you have studied the instructions of the teacher and knew exactly what it is your teacher wants you to discuss. The topic given to you can be very vast, and there is a lot you can include in it, but you have to stick to the main things. You cannot include everything in it. Your teacher will clarify what are the things that she wants you to include and what are the things that you skip. Everything will be clear in the instructions. The instructions of any essay are necessary to follow but especially for compare and contrast essays. So, make sure that everything is perfectly clear to you and if it is not then asking your teacher again. The instructions will also help you formulate an idea of what you want to write about. In many cases, students get confused about which idea to present. If you are sure about the instructions, this will not be a problem for you.

The presentation

The second most important thing in a compare and contrast essay is your portrayal of the work. The work has to be presented in a clear and concise manner with the main points being discussed at the beginning. The reader can know the main things first so that he can understand your point of view clearly. You have to have three main paragraphs and then some more to add the extra or minor details. The first will be the introduction. The introduction should be catchy and try to make it as attractive as is possible. Do not start to compare the points here. Just talk about the topic and why it is significant. The second main paragraph is the main body of the essay. Here you start the comparison and the contrast. Take it point by point so that two points do not mix and cause confusion. The last main paragraph is the conclusion of the essay. The conclusion should be a summary of all the things you have mentioned. Do not introduce any new point here. Just summarize in this paragraph and finish off your essay. Make sure the reader understands that you are ending your essay.

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The flow

The flow is vital. You should not ignore the movement that your essay has or what type of flow you want your essay to have, you might think of it as something not worth putting much time, but you are wrong because it is what will make your essay outstanding. The flow between the points is necessary. Once you have started with the introduction, you cannot end it without stating that you will now go on to talking about why you think your stance is the right one. Once you start on the points one by one, they cannot be totally separate from each other. They should be interlinked. One thing that links them is, of course, the topic itself. The other will be your use of the language. The language has to be on point. In compare and contrast essays the vocabulary that you use is what makes the reader understand that you are in fact composing this genre of writing. Other than that you can also create a flow by writing each point in separate paragraphs. This automatically gives the reader the idea that a new idea is being introduced. Do not forget that there is a connection between the things you are comparing and contrasting, make this connection visible to the reader too.

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