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Step by Step Guidance How to Write Get Cause & Effect ESSAY?

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How to Write Cause and effect Essay?

A cause and effect essay might seem difficult to write at first, but once you start writing it and have a whole outline in your mind, you can easily get it done. The best part of this essay is that there is a not a lot to create from your imagination. You just have to look at the causes and effects of things that happened and present them in a logical manner. It has to make sense. It can be unique and different from anything that you have written before or read about that topic. But at the end, it is supposed to be something that the reader is convinced of. If you want your essay to have that connection with the readers, you should try a few tactics. Like all essays; you should know that this essay also requires you to follow a set format and make sure that your essay is making sense. It should not just be a random compilation of ideas. The effect is the result of the things that occurred so obviously the causes and effect should be linked.

List down all the causes and effects

Listing down the points of your essay is always a good idea. But especially when it comes to a cause and effect essay, you should list down all the things that caused the event to happen and then move on to the results of these things. All of these can be written as short points so that you can know and remember what you want to incorporate in your final draft. Your work will automatically become easier. Another thing that you can do to make your work clearer is to write the causes separately from the effects. In this way, you can relate the causes with the effects without jumbling them up.

Creating an outline

An overview for a cause and effect essay will be about every single paragraph and what you are going to include in this paragraph. This is very beneficial especially for students who are new to this type of writing. An outline is a kind of like writing a rough draft without going into too many details about the topic. It is just an overall overview about the things. It also helps you gather and manage your ideas, and if you are given a word limit, you can keep to this word limit. The outline will be divided into the number of paragraphs you want in your essay. They can be three-five depending on the information you have gathered. The first half of your essay will be about the causes and the second half will talk about the effects of the events. In younger grades, you will be given to writing about events, but once you are in college, you can be given to writing about certain phenomena and happenings that you do not really know about. For this, you will need to research which takes us to our next point.

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Spend time on research

Even if you think that you know everything about the topic that is given to you to write on, you should still do a quick internet research on it so that you do not miss out on anything. In our experience, doing research on the given topic always gives students new ideas which are unique. These ideas make their essay better and different from other peoples. Another thing to take care of in a cause and effect essay is that the number of causes that you are adding should be equal to the number of effects that you will add. Your essay will be balanced in this way. Research should not only be confined to the internet. You should consult different books and journals, and you can also meet the people who were there when it all happened. Individuals that were involved in the incident or were there to witness it If that is possible you should go for that. If you can gather information from eyewitnesses, then essay will be that much authentic.

The ending

Perhaps the most important part of a cause and effect essay is its ending. The ending should sum up everything you have written in your essay. If a reader is in a hurry and cannot read each paragraph in detail, he or she can just read the ending and get a complete idea of what the essay is about. The ending can also highlight the main cause and effect in your opinion. Make your ending brilliant, and you can easily score the highest marks.

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