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Step by Step Guidance How to Write argumentative ESSAY?

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How to Write Argumentative Essay?

No one can escape the wrath of writing an argumentative essay. It is just one of those frustrating piece of writing that you have to do no matter what. We start to write these essays when we are in school, and mostly the topics assigned to us are very basic, and we can find information on them easily. However, when we start to grow up and enter college, we realize there is so much more to writing argumentative essays than was initially taught to us. We have to take care of a lot of things, and we need to do a lot of research before we can compose our essay. Before all of this, what you can do to make your essay and writing better, is to create an outline of your work. That will help you gather your ideas and manage your thoughts efficiently.

The intro

The introduction of the essay is made up of a few parts. These are the hook, the background information, and the thesis statement. The hook is the first sentence of the essay. This sentence has to be interesting so that the reader wants to read more. It is that one line that gives the reader the impression that you are a good writer and you will have written an excellent essay. The second part is the background information. Here you need to add the necessary information about the topic. Add a few details of why you are writing on this subject and what is its importance. Try to keep this part detailed but do not start your argument here. Just give neutral balanced information here. The third is the thesis statement. Your introduction should end here. You should present your side of the argument here. This should be supported by you explaining why you think your side is the right side.

Building the Argument

As the title suggests, this part concerns the main argument that you are presenting. That should be well developed and well organized. The points that you are going to write in this discussion are known as claims. You need to have at least three claims in your essay but if you want you can increase this number too. Some students also just stick to two claims. While this is alright, it is not preferred because your essay would not be as strong as the others. That can make you lose marks. Whenever you claim something, you have to provide evidence for it. No claim can go without adding proof. Evidence cannot be your personal knowledge. It has to be taken from an authentic source and should have credibility. You need to add reference of this evidence because otherwise it might be taken as plagiarism. You can get this evidence when you are searching for your topic.

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Counter Argument

You have to know how your opponents will argue and what points they can make to challenge your points. This is very important, and you need to keep an open mind and think about all the possibilities. Once you know the things that can be challenged in your argument, then you can move on to proving the person's points too. Your counter argument should be strong so that when you are challenging the other group you have the evidence needed to support your points. There are many examples you can find online which will clear this concept for you. If you want more information about the topic you have to write on you can search completely on the subject from the different sources.


You should start your conclusion by emphasizing on the same points that you have already used before. You need to make your stance apparent for the last time. You do that to clear any ambiguity as to where you stand on the matter; you can use your conclusion as a reminder of your ideals. The reader will know that you are sticking to the stance you already started with and that you are very clear about your points. This can be in just one statement where you clear that you are sure about your idea. After you have done that, you need to move on to make the reader realize why you are presenting the argument that you are. You have to submit a picture in the reader's mind about what you are trying to say. You have to tell the reader the advantage of what would happen when your stance is applied in real life.

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