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Step by Step Guidance How to Write Application ESSAY?

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How to Write Application Essay?

There is a lot to do once you decide to apply to a college and continue your higher education. You make a list of all the things that you have to do. In this list, you will notice a significant and perhaps the most important point which you have not completed as yet. That stage is the one which will determine whether the admission office likes you or not. That is the application essay. The application essay is the essay which shows the college who you are as a student and as an individual. You need to impress the College Board with this essay. Feeling the pressure yet? Well, you should, and we totally understand if you do. But the good thing is that we are here to give you some tips which will take you to the top. These tips are the only things your writing is missing.

The opening matters most

The first and foremost thing you should concentrate on is the opening of your essay. It has to be catchy. The admission office gets so many essays and has to go through so many things that if you do not capture their attention right, in the beginning, they might not continue to read your essay. They will just give up. You do not want that. There are many things that you can add or use different methods to make your opening interesting. You can start with a small story about yourself which is not the main point of your essay but gives an insight into your personality. Remember to keep it short and sweet. Do not complicate the beginning because no one will read it twice.

You are the admission office, what do you want to read?

Try imagining yourself as the people who will read the essay and give the admission. What are the things that you want to read in an essay and what will impress you the most? Now concentrate on this stuff and evaluate them. You need to elaborate them. Be the writer and the reader, judge yourself. It is better to write the essay first and then read it, not as the writer but as the person who will give you the admission. Now edit the things you would want to be removed and add more of the things that interested you.

Be yourself

The idea is to be yourself at all times. Do not try to be someone you are not because the admission office will guess immediately. They are experienced in this sort of work, and they know when someone is trying to copy someone else. Being yourself is not difficult. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to try that hard to be yourself. It is something that will come to you naturally, and you will get the right effect immediately. The idea is to impress the admission office not only with your writing but also with your personality and individuality.

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Do not stick to the thesaurus

Using the dictionary is not encouraged when we talk about writing admission essays. Try to be original and make use of the words that you already know. Of course, you can use the dictionary to check a spelling or the thesaurus to look for a word that you have used before and wanted to replace it. To be a good writer means to be uncomplicated. If you try to use big words, there can be two problems with it. The first one will be that you would not be accustomed to using these words, so the use will not be proper. The second problem will be that the admission office will find out that you are not honest with them. This can cause major problems for you.

Read other successful people's stories

Reading other people's stories is a good idea and is encouraged. Know the difference here, though, reading is not copying, and copying is not taking the ideas of other people to find out what makes them the best. You can read other people's work to learn what the admission office is looking for and get a clear image of how you need to format your work. Many of the students do not know how to format the work and the pattern that they have to use. Reading the successful essays will clear this for you. The result will be excellent and proper, and you get to have a real chance of getting admission into your favorite college.

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