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An informal essay is one which gives you the freedom to write about anything you want. It is not something that needs to be formal and very precise. The thing about informal essays is that they are not taught to you in schools. They have to be learned by you. Most of the teachers in schools say that when they try to teach the students to write informal essays, they do not get the results they want. This is because students take it as an academic assignment. Informal essays cannot be taken as a strict assignment because it is something that you need to write on your own. They are personal and should be full of expression. Academic writing cannot be full of feelings; it is more direct. Hence students do not do well in the informal essays because they have no practice for it.

We are not saying that writing informal essays is in any way easy. In fact, it is sometimes the most difficult thing to do. Because we have always been trained to write things that would get us good grades and this happens only when we use formal language and make use of the proper terms. Adding facts and figures is another thing that has to be added in academic essays but not the informal essays.

An informal essay can range from writing about your thoughts, feelings, personal experiences and conversations with anyone. There is a specific topic given to you, and you have to write a light essay on it. This topic can be about anything at all. There is no criterion to it. It can be from any subject area. The idea is to make the writing entertaining and often humorous. The essay can be as lengthy as you want it to be. You should not stick to anything. Be yourself and let the world know how amazing you are.

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We realize that many students need help in informal essays. We are the best people you can ask for help. We have been writing informal essays for our clients for the past three years, and our rates have not risen since then. We want to keep writing and giving a chance to students to excel. We know that as a student, you cannot spare a lot of money and hence we have kept our rates to a minimum. Our whole procedure is actually free of cost. You do not have to pay to register, and you can contact whenever you want. Once we are in business, and we finalize a deal you will understand that we are not like the other sites available on the internet claiming to be the best. We actually deliver what we promise, and we never charge extra for anything. The references we add and the citations we do are all included in the payment fee. To make things cheaper for you, we have different payment methods, and you can choose any one that suits you most.

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Some Tips for Great Informal Essays

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that an informal essay is more personal than other forms. So we will probably ask you a few details about your life that will be included in the essay. This is done to make your writing better and something you can actually relate to when the teacher asks you about the essay. Being totally ignorant can cause suspicion. Although the instructions that you give to us are clear and precise, extra information can never be harmful. The basic thing is that whatever you want to write on, you have to make it interesting and eye catching for the reader. In the end, the reader is the judge of your work, and you have to make them happy. In most cases, this reader is the teacher. Informal does not mean that you forget all about grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. These three things should always be checked. We have a whole team of separate writers who edit the work our experts do so that any errors and mistakes can be avoided. These services cannot be found anywhere else. We have modified our platform and changed it so that it fulfills all your needs.

There is no set pattern for writing the informal essay. Try to follow the style and format explained to you by your teacher. Every college can have its own set format. You should know this and inform us about this.

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