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A definition essay is probably the most systematic essays you will ever have to write. It is about defining the terms given to you correctly. You start off with the first word. This word has to be the one that will leave an impact on the reader immediately. After this, you move on to the second word. You have to give its meaning too. That is how you move forward until you have described all the terms. The definitions you give have to be both literal and contextual. They have to cover the full idea of what the word is trying to tell you. Make sure you add the dictionary meaning with the sense of how the word is being used in that particular context. When you describe the terms from all angles, then you get a perfect definition essay.

This essay should not just be academic writing and should not only showcase how well you can write, but it should also mix your academic writing skills with your personal writing skills. You have to let the reader know how a definition essay can be an individual piece of writing if you want it to be. You have to put in all your writing knowledge to get the best results. Writing a definition essay might not prove to be difficult for many people, but for some, it is a tough task that needs full concentration and attention.

How to define a difficult term?

When you are writing, you will come across many words which are not the usual ones you hear every day. There are some steps you should follow to get their meaning right and to go into their definition quickly. First of all, check their definition in the dictionary. Use one of the authentic ones so that the whole definition is right. Some dictionaries provide the connotative and denotative meaning of the word. Try using those first. You will get some idea about the word. Secondly, read the word in the context it is being used. Read this again and again until it forms a mental picture in your mind. When you think of the word, what image comes to your mind? This is the point you should focus on. After you are done with this, you need to come up with the appropriate words that basically define that term. You should consult the internet or a dictionary for this too. These are called adverbs or adjectives. You can find a lot of them very easily. Most of them will fit your description and definition. Now start forming sentences and then complete the whole definition. Your work is so much easier if you follow these steps.

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The structure of the essay

The piece like all the other ones you have ever written should follow a basic structure. At school level even if you get this format wrong, it's okay. You will not be marked for it. However, if you are a college student, you are expected to get the format right, and the structure should be accurate. This whole makes the pattern for your work formal and precise. The structure of a definition essay is not very difficult to understand. It is like the other ones you have written before, but only some things are changed.

The introduction has to be the main word. This has to capture the attention of the reader so you should make it interesting. Define the term in the way that it is used in the context. This will be different from its dictionary meaning, so people will want to read ahead to understand what it is that you are saying. You can add a few other things that aid in explaining the main word but mostly just stick to the highlight of the essay. The main body is perhaps the most difficult to write and the part which will take the longest time. You should start on it as soon as you are done with the introduction. Add all the details in the main body. Define the other minor terms and add examples from the text if you want to.

The conclusion should be personal. You have explained the text and the meanings. Now explain how this text affected you and your feelings. Every word leaves a mark on us, even the most basic ones. You must figure out this mark and then try to explain it so that the reader ends up feeling that way too.

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