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Application Essays are those essays which you submit while applying to a university or college. You have to make your essays brilliant so that you can get a chance at being admitted to a university. There are various tricks and tips that one can use for writing good application essays. The problem is that most students do not know these tricks and tips as they are not taught in schools. Application essays are something that you have to learn all by yourself once you are writing them. You cannot have experience in them before. The only thing you do know about them is that they are essays. And every essay has to be filled with paragraphs and the right words.

Some students do write good application essays on their first try because they use all of the techniques taught to them over time in schools about writing. They produce a good mix of narrative essays while also adding some detailed descriptions where needed. This is called witty writing. Alas, not many students can do this. But they do not have to worry anymore. We are here to help them and guide them through the tough parts. What we ask for is your cooperation and just a few details about your life which we can put together to create a fantastic essay. This essay will get you into some of the brilliant universities.

Here are a few ideas that we apply when writing your essays and which you can follow easily too to get the best results:

The opening matters

Like all the other essays you write over you academic career, application essays require a good strong opening too. It has to be interesting but not necessarily something that is grand. Students tend to use quotes and facts in their openings, but we ask them to keep it simple. An opening can be something about your life. In fact putting a life story at the beginning of your essay is a good way to start. Make sure you do not go into too many details right in the beginning. Tell a little about yourself or about a story that you can elaborate on later in the essay. This will capture the reader's attention, and he or she would want to know more.

If you were in their place, what would you want?

If you answer this question, you are ready to go. Perhaps the key thing in life decisions -whether they are related to your studies or any other thing- is to make sure that you are thinking about how others will react to the things you are doing. You need to put yourself in their shoes and then see what will make you happy. The things that should satisfy you are probably the ones that will meet the other person. When it comes to writing application essays, you need to think about the idea that if you were on the admissions board of the college, what would make you want to select a candidate? If you start writing after thinking about this, you are bound to produce some good work.

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Going too far to impress

When our parents and teachers tell us just to be ourselves, they are giving us a major piece of wisdom. Being you means not trying too hard to impress someone. Yes, you need to focus on your achievements and highlight them but do not overdo them. You are a human. Some things went wrong for you or mistakes you made unintentionally. These are the things that make you who you are. Always talking about the bright side and the good stuff is not attractive. Most of the colleges are in fact impressed if you present them with an essay that talks about your weaknesses and how you overcame them. Do not go too far in anything. Keep a balanced essay which is interesting.

Who are you?

Students tend to focus too much on what the admission essay requirements are and in the process they confuse things that matter to them. They end up writing what the topic asks them to write. This is wrong. You need to write about stuff that matters to you. This is important. The admission committees are looking for something that is original, and that is coming straight from the heart. It has to be authentic. Most sites do recommend that you go through the essays of previous students, but this is only so that you can get an idea about the format. Do not try to copy their thoughts. Be original.

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